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The tie rod is designed for allowable pull, fa. Additional allowance of about 1 4 in. (About 0.65 cm) in diameter is recommended for salt water applications. The connections of rod to wall and anchor block are designed for 1.2 to 1.4 times the allowable pull.4130 high tensile steel tie rod spacer set - GKTechThe GKTECH high tensile 4130 zinc coated tie rod spacer extenders screw on to the end of either standard or aftermarket tie rods and allow the tie rods to travel further into the steering rack which creates more steering lock. Great for drift or getting out of parking spots.Can be used either with or without the extra washer (included), with the washer this kit offers a grand total of 3 4

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Tie rods are typically provided in plain, galvanized, and stainless steel. The rods are typically provided as mild steel A36 or A307A. Stainless steel is also used for high corrosion applications or aesthetic purposes. High strength rods are also available in grades such as A449, A354BC, A193 B7 or A354BD. (*other grades available upon request)Allstar Swedged Steel Tie Rod Tubes JEGSAllstar Swedged Steel Tie Rod Tubes are available in your choice of two threads 3 4" or 5 8". They come in a variety of lengths from 4" to 25" and have RH(right hand) & LH(left hand) threads for easy adjustablity. These D.O.M. steel tie rod tubes (also known Combined Walls Oriental Sheet PilingSteel Pipes The pipe and pile combined wall system combines the best of both worlds from OSPs foundation steel solutions the primary pipe element being used to take the brunt of lateral force from soil and water, while having the shorter and lighter sheet piles to stabilise local soil mass between primary piles and transfer load.


Steel Pipe Welded to Bearing Plate Cover Cap Bearing Plate Grease or Cement Grout Sheet Pile Seal Factory Injected Cement Grout Corrugated Plastic Sheathing DYWIDAG THREADBAR® Spiral Wrap Spacer Hex Nut DYWIDAG Tie Rods Key Features Tie Rods produced from DYWIDAG THREADBAR® are used for marine bulkheads, docking facilities, bargeESC Pile (Global Sheet Piling Solutions)ESC's experience spans from sheet pile applications, combination wall applications tied back to anchor or sheet pile walls. Components can be sourced as a full economical and hassle-free package from Tie Rod Bars, to Couplers, to Eye Rods, Waling Beams and even all bolts and bearing plates.FLANGED COUPLINGS ROMAC INDUSTRIESFabricated steel pipe coupling for pipe sizes 12 inch and larger. Nominal Sizes 12 - 96 inches, larger sizes available upon request Working Pressure See product submittal. Pipe Compatibility Steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, plastic and other types of pipe

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Pipe Ties are also know as Connecting Bolts, Joint Restraints & Tie Rods. We stock a large selection of items as hot dip galvanized steel and can make them out of stainless steel by special order. Pipe Ties are designed to hold concrete pipe sections together, not for pulling sections tight.Pipe Restraints and Adapter FlangesUni-Flange® Pipe Restraint and Adapter Flange Numbering System UFR1400 - DA - 12 - XL C = C900 C905 PVC D = Ductile Iron Pipe S = Steel Size (IPS) PVC Pipe (steel pipe for UFA200 400 420 only) Z = SO-EZ OPTIONS XL = Extra Large Diameter for Class C and D Gray Cast Iron Pipe (4" - 12" UFR1400 only) Optional MJ Accessory Pack (t-bolts and gasket,Pipe curtain rod Etsy3 4" Industrial Iron Pipe Toilet Paper Holder Curtain Tie Backs PacificoReclaimed. From shop PacificoReclaimed. 5 out of 5 stars (911 ) 911 steel pipe tie rod Add to Item # 223, 1 2" Steampunk, Industrial,Curtain rod,steel pipe, Drapery hardware, Drapes rod EverythingSteelCA. From shop EverythingSteelCA. 5 out of 5 stars (128) 128 reviews $ 76.89 steel pipe tie rod


Telescoping pipe fitting without tie-rods. Dismantling joints can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate the different lay-lengths of adjacent pipe equipment. Nominal Sizes 3 - 24 inches. Working Pressure Up to the maximum rating of the flangeROMAC Harness Lugs and Tie RodsPipe restraint. Manufactured in the U.S.A. Nominal Sizes NA. Working Pressure NA. Application Provides restraint of mechanical joints to prevent pull-out for 0.75" rod. Pipe Compatibility Recommended for use on steel, cast iron, plastic and other types of pipe. Documents Catalog Page Product Submittal (Duc Lug) Product Submittal (90 degree Eye steel pipe tie rodSteel Rods McMaster-CarrSteel is known for its strength, machinability, and weldability, yet it lacks corrosion resistance. Tool Steel A combination of high strength, hardness, and wear resistance makes tool steel especially well-suited for use as cutting tools.

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Steel tie rods solve the age old problem of roof construction; they hold the walls from bending out as the roof is loaded with wind or snow. In age old timber frame buildings, like the gothic cathedrals of the middle ages, enormous stone buttresses stabilized the walls allowing for graceful arched beams to create a beautiful timber ceiling.TIE-ROD AND PIPE JOINTS - StudiestodayTIE-ROD AND PIPE JOINTS Fig 5.11 Since ages, we know pipes have been extensively used as carriers of fluids like water, oil, steam gas, waste, for water supply systems, oil refineries, chemical plants, sewage piping system etc. And these pipes may be made of different materials like cast-iron, steel, wrought iron, plastic orThreaded AccessoriesFunction Recommended for securing the connection of steel pipe to ductile pipe first attach tie bolts to pipe flanges then connect tie rods. May be used in vertical or horizontal applications. Approvals Conforms to NFPA Pamphlet 24, Installation of Private Fire Service Maintenance 4" (100mm)- 12" (300mm)pipe size. Finish Plain. Contact steel pipe tie rod

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Tie Rod to Steel tube pile (articulated) Combi wall cast-in forged eye tie bar A short tie bar with a forged eye bar is cast into the tube transferring forces to the centre of the tube. The main tie bars are attached to the cast-in bar via link plates allowing articulation in the vertical direction.Tie Rod Assemblies - Haydon BoltsHaydon BoltsTie Rod Assemblies are used in various applications like supporting canopies, as pipe hangers, in cross bracing, etc. Tie rods are an efficient way to add strength or an ascetic touch to any project, while allowing for adding tension and length adjustments.Tie Rod System - KUSTIE ROD SYSTEM accessories are produced from heavy duty materials to meet higher strength requirements arising from thicker walls in construction of bridges, tunnels and other mega-structures.K.U.S is a major supplier of Tie Rod System accessories, due to our strict product quality control and the ability to maintain ample inventory.

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Tie Rod Systems ESC offers the client a wide range of sizes and steel grades for Tie Rod System Assemblies. These can be seamlessly integrated into an ESC Sheet Pile or Combination Wall or other types of retaining wall. Corrosion Protection options are also available.Tie Rods Oriental Sheet PilingTie rods as an anchorage system are typically applied in the context of harbours, wharves, jetties, river embankments or water-based projects in general. When waves dont die, tie rods can provide the supplementary support required and are seamlessly integrated into Tie Rods Oriental Sheet PilingTie rods as an anchorage system are typically applied in the context of harbours, wharves, jetties, river embankments or water-based projects in general. When waves dont die, tie rods can provide the supplementary support required and are seamlessly integrated into

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Call Rod End Supply inside sales personnel at 1-800-284-2902 with your specific weld-in threaded bung application needs.